10 Of The Best Company Perks We’ve Ever Seen

10 Of The Best Company Perks We’ve Ever Seen

If you’re newly emerging into the job market or feeling unfulfilled at your current job, this is the post for you. With salary becoming more competitive so are company perks. The following companies will leave you feeling inspired and determined to get the perks of your dreams.


Twitter has unlimited time off, free meals, gym membership reimbursements, acupuncture, meditation, and yoga classes. Woah.


Zillow offers employees a paid 24-week paternal leave, paid gym membership, and matching 401K.


If you work at Airbnb you’ll get a £2,000 spend limit to use on any Airbnb location of your choice once a year. I vote Italy! Plus you get commuter reimbursement every month, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.


If anything serious happens to you, Google gives your spouse/partner 50% of your salary for 10 years in addition to an in-house gym and shower area.


Tech tycoon Mark Zuckerberg offers Facebook employees 4 months paternity leave and $4,000 in “baby cash” along with 3 free meals a day, 401K, stock options, and dry cleaning.


Asana is an unlikely contender since you probably haven’t heard of it. They are a web/mobile app developed in San Francisco and might be the cream of the crop. Asana offers unlimited time off, 12-week paternity leave, on staff chefs that cook organic healthy meals 3 times a day, life coaches, and subsidized health benefits. Is this real life? Apparently so.


Netflix employees get 1 full year paid for maternity/paternity leave, plus once you return you can take as much time off as you need during your first year back.


At Pinterest you get unlimited time off, counseling sessions upon returning to work after maternity leave, and 3 prepared meals a day.


Hubspot is a website monitoring system for marketing professionals and they offer unlimited holiday, pension plan that’s matched, and £5,000 a year for training.