The Candidate Crisis

The Candidate Crisis

It is no secret that recruitment at the moment is not plain sailing and one of the main problems lies within the national shortage of candidates. According to The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) demand for workers in the UK has risen the fastest this year than it has in 23 years. There are various reasons why there seems to be no one to fill the copious number of roles that are increasing by the day.


Firstly, after various lockdowns and covid-19 restrictions, a lot of people have lost a lot of confidence in the current economy. This is encouraging people to think hard over moving roles and therefore, usually staying where they are for the security and safety of their finances. This is not helped by the furlough scheme, which although has helped a lot of people and companies, it has put an enormous hold on job movement, as you are not entitled to furlough if you have recently moved jobs. Therefore, without guarantee that we won’t fall into another lockdown, job securely is not guaranteed either.


Another factor created by the pandemic is the fact that many European workers travelled back to the EU during lockdown, to allow themselves to be around friends and family but now finding that they are unable to make it back. However much criticism there may have been around the rise in European workers, we are now finding that we relied heavily on their presence to fill many of the entry level jobs that we are now struggling to fill.


We also need to consider that most companies are starting up again and all at the same time. This is putting huge pressure on the job market. Not only are thousands of companies looking to recruit again after lockdown but they are all after the same people for same roles.


It is not only the companies are that creating a problem though, the candidates themselves are becoming harder to cater for due to the culture that has arisen due to lockdown. The way in which many people have been working over the last couple of years has created expectations of flexible working, working from home and many benefits that unfortunately some roles cannot provide. There has also been a shift in the value of work-life balance and many candidates are appreciating their time at home with children or loved ones and re-evaluating the benefit of extra income.


Looking at these hurdles from the perspective of the recruiter, there are various things that we can be doing to increase our chances of finding the right candidates for the right jobs. This starts with the common want for flexibility and remote working. Compromise is key and finding a happy balance for both employer and employee is going to be crucial within this current climate. There is also a lot to be said for making sure you are paying the market value for roles, which naturally has become slightly higher due to the demand for candidates, and speed of response. We live is a fast-paced world and many employers are finding themselves being ‘ghosted’ by candidates due to either them being offered another role or (and this is also becoming more prevalent) they are receiving counter offers from their current employers. Being able to respond quickly and efficiently seems to be the make or break for filling many roles in this time of drought.


At Pink, we are here to do the leg work for you and have been able to overcome many of these recruitment issues, filling roles for many companies that have been struggling. With 15 years’ experience, we have a solid, proven record, including BP Oil’s award for Best Performing Agency. We cover all disciplines at all levels, from an Office Clerk to CEO. What makes us so effective within this current climate is that our network within the industry is second to none and therefore puts us in the best position acquire talent from the best candidates for roles they didn’t even know they wanted.