Why Having A Social Media Presence Could Land You The Job

Why Having A Social Media Presence Could Land You The Job

Since the recent emerging of “influencer”, a term formerly referred to as “blogger”, more companies are recognizing a candidate’s social media presence as job validation? And it’s all thanks to advertising.

The days of infomercials and traditional TV advertisements are gone. Even Google Adsense is losing its luster, which is why companies are switching to a more subtle, “pull method” of marketing.

Marketing is changing & so is the way companies hire

“Content marketing”, “brand ambassadors”, and “blogger outreach” are just a few terms being thrown around in the world of business today and that’s great news for you!

Instead of companies marketing their brand, product, or service in a “hey look at me, here I am, I’m so great!” kind of way, they’re turning to candidates with a social media presence to do the work for them in a less invasive way.

Companies don’t just look at your college major and professional experience now, they look at what kind of an impact you’re making outside of your job.

If you have a blog or have been thinking about starting one, it could be the best decision for your career because companies are now using employees as brand ambassadors. If you have a moderate to large social media following with no traditional work experience, you may just rule out the competing candidate who has a ton of experience but no social presence.

The more people who take to social to share where they work and what they’re doing while at work, the larger the reach is for potential customers and clients. And if you’re posting about how fun your job is, everyone will want to be a part of the movement. It’s a domino effect of free advertising.

Think about it, have you ever seen one of your friends post about a company outing on social media? It looked like so much fun it inspired you to do some cyber stalking about the company. Now you’re telling all your friends about Kathy’s work adventures, which is the best type of PR a company could ask for, (word of mouth).

Beware, social media can be dangerous…

On the other hand, if used inappropriately, social media could cost you the job. Posting pictures of yourself doing kegstands and car bombs definitely won’t land you the job. Incessant complaining and politically incorrect Facebook statuses won’t help either.

As long as you use social media as a professional outlet, there’s no harm done. Professional doesn’t mean posting a motivational quote every day, but it does mean keeping an appropriate and consistent aesthetic on your social media feeds.

For example, if you’re an aspiring Creative Director, your social media platforms should reflect that to increase your chances of landing the job. Depending on the industry you’re aiming toward, you could have a blog with creative projects you oversaw and advice for emerging Creative Directors. Your Instagram feed could consist of pictures of your projects and your Snapchat could be filled with Snaps of the creative process for the projects you’re working on. As you can see, keeping a professional social media presence is far from boring.