Why Work Within Renewable Energy?

Why Work Within Renewable Energy?

After the Covid-19 crisis of the past two years, the collision of crisis and opportunity is likely to allow Britain’s renewable energy developers an important role in the UK’s economy, creating an employment safety net for the towns and industries that might otherwise be left behind. This creates an exciting opportunity for those seeking work, but why work within renewable energy?


The Industry Continues to Grow


The long and short of this, is that there are going to be more and more jobs! Not only are more people becoming environmentally aware and therefore opening the capacity for larger renewable projects, they are becoming less and less expensive to set up. It’s predicted that in 2022, the cost of new offshore wind project will be half of what it was in 2015. This, in turn, allows for the hire of significantly more staff.


There are also a lot more sectors to go into. Once upon a time, renewable energy meant building a wind farm, but today, renewables professionals are as likely to work in commissioning for energy-to-waste projects as they are to oversee a marine renewable energy technology plant. This level of diversity is also leading to significant technological advances and therefore those working within this industry are usually with the latest cutting edge products and developments.


You Can Make a Real Impact


We all like the idea of being able to change the world and within the renewable energy sector, you can. These careers can provide you with the chance to contribute to the production of new, clean energy courses that are ultimately helping to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.


As this industry is still growing, there is a real need for qualified and skilled workers, providing the opportunity to gain knowledge and training within a sector that is wanting employees to succeed. There is also the opportunity to work alongside professionals and gain knowledge from the leading experts in this field, giving great advantage to career progression.


The Job Will be Around ‘Forever’


As we know, not every job is forever but the whole concept of renewable energy is that it is sustainable forever and therefore, so should the jobs. Even within economy crisis, the renewable energy sector has flourished. In the wake of the credit crunch, the banking system was close to collapse and GBP growth fell below 1%, but despite that, the green economy continued to grow. The offshore wind industry increased its economic contribution by almost 17% and the solar industry’s growth was almost 7%. This shows that even under economic stress, the jobs within renewables are incredibly safe.


Travel the World


There are not many jobs that rely on such varied environments and conditions, most of which are nowhere near civilisation. Because if this, many jobs within renewable energy are on a contract basis and very much project based work. This allows renewables workers the chance to not only experience different sites and locations, but rapidly upskill and potentially advance their career more quickly.