Pink Renew

The world is changing and so are we! Only 12% of businesses in the UK have seen environmental risks as their most pressing concern in 2021. Here at Pink, we want to contribute to changing this by developing ourselves to be more environmentally aware and create awareness for other businesses around us to do the same.


Being specialists within the fuel industry, we are aware that these are the sectors which are commonly within the firing line of climate criticism. Therefore, we are paying greater attention to how these industries in particular can improve their impact on the world. Following businesses such as BP, who are already tackling many climate issues head on and endeavour to be a net zero company by 2050 – check out our blog for more information on how they are developing their Cherry Point Refinery.


These new areas of specialism have not only enhanced our affect on the planet but we have found a whole new dimension to recruitment. Some of the most sort after vacancies and candidates can be found within the renewable energy sector and the industry is growing everyday. Even throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, renewable energy was one of the few industries that jobs were not effected and could actually be seen to grow. As recruiters, we strive to find security within the vacancies we fill and so far, these new sectors within energy are proving to be not only secure, but providing diversity, travel, growth and creating a massive impact on a global scale.


Green is the new Pink!